OHRAB Scavenger Hunt for Ohio Students

The On-line Scavenger Hunt is a great way to teach students how to find primary sources available on-line and get some practice interpreting what they find. Included in the hunt are letters, diaries, artifacts and photos telling interesting snippets about Ohio’s people and history and learn how to conduct research into historical documents and artifacts online. All are owned by Ohio archival institutions that have made them digitally available via their websites. This activity will also teach students how to recognize a primary historical source and investigate potential topics for History Day projects.

The hunt has been assembled by the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB), whose mission is to serve the people of Ohio by advocating, nurturing, and advising programs that identify, preserve, and provide access to their documentary heritage, which enriches the culture and protects the rights of Ohioans. This includes presenting an annual award for the best use of Ohio’s historical records in a History Day project. Board members are appointed by the governor and represent Ohio’s public and private archives, records offices, and research institutions. Administrative responsibility for the board rests with the Ohio Historical Society.

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